Recovery Methods

As most weightlifters know the days after a brutal exercise can leave your body extremely sore and muscles tight. Leaving athletes such as myself not in the mood to lift for the rest of the week which is a problem. Luckily there are many recovery methods out there that can help your body return to its normal state so you can continue with a consistent work out schedule.

One of the best and and easiest methods to use in starting your recovery is by performing long difficult stretches such as those found in yoga followed by rolling your self out. Whats great about this method is its not very time consuming and has no cost to it. All you need is a band or partner to assist you in stretching and then a roller to roll out on which can be found in about every gym.

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Another great method that is very relaxing while also beneficial is the use of hot and cold baths. Now this may be difficult to perform at home since requires two baths but if you are at gym that provides tubs this is a great choice. You want to have one tub at about 110 degrees and the other at about 60 degrees. Start with hot then switch to cold as this is better on the body and sit each one about two times for five minutes each. However, if you don’t have two bath tubs at your disposal then taking a long hot Epson salt is not a bad choice as well.

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Though more expensive if you have the chance it would be very beneficial to receive electric muscle stimulation. This method involves a machine which is attached to your muscles as it sends electric pulses through them in order to get them to contract and make your muscles feel much better. Also another expensive but great method would be to get deep tissues massages such as to reach and release the tension built up deep in your muscles.

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That last three methods though not as fun are aerobics, nutrition, and sleep. Its not good to lay around in place as it is in fact better to stay moving in order to not let your body tighten up too much so that’s how aerobics come into play. Also you can’t eat bad as its important to fuel your body with good food and then get a good nights rest so your body has time to recover and rebuild.

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I hope you take these methods into consideration the next time leg day gets the best of you and your body.



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