Arnold Sports Festival

Every year thousands of athletes travel from all across the world to Columbus, Ohio in March for a weekend to attend the annual Arnold Sports Festival. This event features some of the top athletes in the world as they compete on one of the biggest stages for huge prizes. The festival also features hundreds of booths to show off some of the leading equipment in the athletic industry. The festival was started in 1989 by the most famous bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and has continued to grow over the years especially due to his popularity in the athletic world.

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The festival does include sports ranging from cheer leading, to table tennis, and archery. However, the main events consist of bodybuilding, strongman, and weightlifting. The Bodybuilding event also known as the Arnold Classic is the second most prestigious competition in the nation. Some of the largest event winners can win up to over $100,000 dollars along with other great prizes. The bodybuilders are scored on their routine along with the looks of their muscular physique. The strongman competition consist of extremely difficult challenges that require men to perform the most amount reps at extremely high weights or to see who can move an extremely heavy amount of weight the fastest. The weightlifting event of course consists of the basic Olympic lifts along with others such as the bench press and dead-lift.

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Last year the Arnold Classic in Australia drew a lot of attention as Eddie Hall set the world record for dead-lift with a staggering total of 462kg (1018.5 lbs). The video spread all over social media as people couldn’t believe what they had just seen. What made it even greater was that the video showed the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger standing right next to the platform cheering on Eddie and celebrating with him after he broke the record. It would mean the world to athletes everywhere if they were able to impress Arnold.

I hope to one day travel to the Arnold Sports Festival and witness for myself the incredible competitions that take place and who knows maybe one day have the opportunity to compete at it.



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