Best Supplements to Take

Of course most people know to eat large amounts of protein and carbs after workouts to build muscle and fuel their bodies. However, it may not always be enough or some people will even desire something a little extra to take their bodies to the next level. That’s why many athletes and weightlifters chose to take supplements to give their bodies all the nutrition that they need. There are many supplements out there for sale but its important to know whats in them before you buy them so you know what effects it can have on your body. Here are few common and beneficial supplements to use.

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Creatine is a supplement commonly used by weightlifters and athletes who are trying to gain weight. However, most people don’t know the effects that it can have on their bodies. Some effects are of course good for your body like the fact that it helps you gain weight and makes you much stronger in the weight-room, but other effects aren’t so beneficial. One of the negative effects about taking creatine is that the weight you gain is usually water weight which makes your body bloat rather than be super defined. Also creatine causes you to become really dehydrated while taking it if you do not drink enough water along with it. Creatine can be beneficial as it was for me but I would just recommend that the user understands all the risks and effects before using it.

Another common and very popular used supplement is Syntha 6. It is a super rich protein powder that is great for building lean muscle mass. It just doesn’t include the regular whey protein but it also has ingredients that slow the digestive process in order to allow for the body to fully absorb all the protein and sustain amino acids in the blood. Its also a much safer muscle builder than creatine which is why it is highly recommended and can be beneficial to anyone if used on a regular bases. Also important to me is that it taste great in a shake form when mixed with milk.

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C4 is one of the top selling preworkout supplements on the market today and for good reason. It gives users a giant boost of energy and helps them focus in on the task they are performing. It has also been updated recently to include much more natural ingredients to allow for safer effects and prevent health issues. I can tell you from a couple experiences of using this supplement that it works exactly as they say and I enjoyed it a lot but make sure to work your way up on the dosage size because it can be overwhelming at first. The only downside to this product is that its banned in my athletic levels so if you are an athlete be sure to check whether its legal or not before using it.

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I hope you consider these recommendations if you are looking for something a little extra in your diet to get stronger and increase gains. Just as I said before though make you sure you know whats in the product before you decide to use it.



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