How to Increase Speed While in the Weight-room

Spending time every day out running sprints on a field and going to get coached up on technique will of course improve an athletes speed but to increases it even more and reach the highest goals it requires spending some extra time in the weight-room on those lower body exercises. Exercises in the weight-room can include the use of barbells,dumbbells, and bands to increase speed.

One of the many exercises that increases speed is of course barbell squats. They improve the power in your legs to help you explode with every stride as you push off the ground. They also strengthen all the major muscles in your legs helping you to provide power and accelerate quickly on the field as if you were accelerating quickly up out of the hole on the squat. When it comes to speed with squats the weight doesn’t matter as much but rather how fast you move the weight itself.

Image result for speed training

Another great exercise that might honestly be the best for increasing speed in the weight-room is dumbbell lunges or Russian hops. What is so great about these exercises is that it puts your body in a running like position so that it can strengthen your body while in that position and get used to that movement with resistance so as to be able to then go on the field and move faster with your stride. Its important to transition as quick as possible in the stride which of course makes you run faster.

Image result for heavy dumbbell lunges

Lastly flexibility is key to improving speed and can be simply done in the weight-room through stretching with or without band. Some people might be able to move their legs quickly but that doesn’t always get you as far so its great to stretch out your hips and hamstrings in order to increase the flexibility and length of stride on the field. The more are you cover the faster you can move and get there.

Image result for hip flexor stretches

I hope these tips improve your approach to speed training as you get faster and stronger to reach that goal top end speed.



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