High Rep vs. Low Rep Workouts

Many people have certain physical goals that they desire to reach in life but with that comes specific workout plans in order achieve to it. Many people tend to think one plan works for everybody but that is entirely false as our bodies and aspirations all vary in certain ways. Most people with little experience in the gym just tend to stick with the average 10 rep exercises of upper body workouts only. However its important to mix it up a bit whether it be rep or type of exercises.

For those who are seeking the bulky gains and large increases in strength it is important to base your exercise on a low rep format. The benefits of a low rep exercise program is that you are able to go up heavier in your lifts which in turn breaks down your muscles even more as they are then built back much bigger and stronger than before. It also is a variation to your normal lifts as it keeps your whole body tense the whole time as you power through the workout which is then able to effect your overall body in a positive way. A typical low rep exercise consist of five reps at the most but usually tends to stay around two to three reps on average. It is okay to do more sets than usual though as long you stick with a heavier weight and don’t go down as you progress throughout the set.

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Might not always look as cut when using a low rep program but overall strength and size will make up for it.

For those who are seeking to get ripped like bodybuilders or maintain a healthy body it is best to go with a high rep exercise program. The benefits of high reps is that it defines your muscles while preventing them from getting too bulky because you work with a lighter weight when having to do more reps. It does make your muscles bigger of course but in a positive way. I even have heard from some bodybuilders that they prefer to do half the range of motion on some exercises because it is believed to make your muscles even more cut but it does not make you much stronger of course. A typical high rep count usually ranges from anything greater than eight reps. The amount of reps you actually chose to do are up to you but as you increase that amount just know that the weight will also decrease.

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High reps of certain exercises can also be great to use on weak areas of your body in order to prevent injuries from occurring more commonly if you are an athlete. As an athlete myself I use both techniques in order to continue getting bigger and stronger while also preventing potential injuries with the high reps.

I hope these tips help you to chose which exercise program is best for you use so that you may reach your strength and physique goals in the weight-room.





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