Squat Everyday Challenge

Yes you did read the title of this post right, I will be discussing the benefits of squatting everyday. Some people may think this is the craziest sounding challenge ever but there is proof and support to this challenge that guarantees to improve your strength and gains. Many professional weightlifters and coaches such as the co-founder of MusclePharm Cory Gregory and World Champion power lifter and now successful strength coach Travis Mash support this program. Due to the fact my strength coach back home is Travis Mash I have already had the opportunity to try out the squat everyday program. I will say it is extremely challenging to attempt but it is well worth it in the long run as I was able to see PRs in all my lower body lifts.

Travis Mash

Many lifts are frowned upon to attempt everyday but due to the fact that squatting is such a natural movement that it makes it the perfect lift to attempt every single day. Squatting everyday is similar to practicing every day as it leads to perfection of the movement while making you stronger each day as well. It not only builds muscle but character as well since you will reach them days when you just don’t want to go to the gym or squat at all but you find your self pushing through the pain and going anyways.

The basic objective to this challenge is squatting of course 7 days a week for as many weeks as you can without stopping. During this time you should switch between front and back squat in order to reach and effect all the muscles in your lower body. I have seen variations in the buildup of the everyday workout for this challenge but a main goal of it is to work up to a one rep max and every single day. As you continue along with this challenge you should at least to attempt to add weight each and every s single day as well in order to increase your strength with it and before you know it you will be reaching weights you didn’t think were possible before. Also when I say reach a max every single day  it doesn’t mean go until you are about to drop the weight but keep going up in weight until you reach a point that it greatly challenges while you are still able to maintain proper form and depth in your squat. Along with squatting everyday you should continue to perform your other lifts as well to keep up with those and while at it you should squat at the beginning of your workouts because its the best way to warm up your entire body for the lifts after.

I hope you are able to gird up your loins and attempt this challenge with me. I promise you it wont be easy one bit but it will be worth it when you see your legs getting jacked as you smash them PRs.



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