How to Power Clean Properly

A majority of people who lift would say they know how to properly perform the power clean. However, I have been in a lot of gyms where I have met people who say that but instead I end up seeing the exact opposite. First off a lot of the techniques I have seen out there are just straight up horrifying looking but the real issue with it is that bad form leads to bad injuries.

Image result for bad power clean technique

Whether it be that arch in your back on your pull or the catching of the bar with your elbows down low both of them look ugly and painful but both can also cause some serious issues when the weight gets heavy. Having a bad arch in your back can lead to serious back pain along a with strain or even blowing out your back which all are just terrible. Also catching the bar low with elbows down rather than pointed to the sky can lead to a sprained wrist and even worse which I have seen before is someones arm breaking over their knee. So either way forget that ugly and painful form you once knew and follow my tips on how to clean like the pros and stay uninjured.

Image result for power clean techniqueFirst I will focus on the starting power position of the clean. Start with your feet about shoulder width apart as you squat down keeping your knees over the bar and back tight in power position. You then hook-grip the bar as I mentioned before in my last post. Next take a deep breath as you start the power pull keeping your back tight and chest over bar accelerating on the way up. You must then keep the bar as close to your body as possible as you shoot your hips forward giving you that extra power to get the bar all the way up. You then pull your feet of the floor to stomp them as you either begin to drop into front squat or power position depending on the exercise routine you are following. As you drop into that position you need to shoot your elbows upward as if you are forcing the bar into your neck and resting it above your collarbone. Your grip can be lax now as the bar is rested on your collarbone as you drive your body upward out the power position. Which then once you stand all the way you can feel free to slam the bar down on the ground in excitement as you have performed a successful and proper power clean.


I hope this article helped you learned how to look and power clean like a pro. Most importantly I hope it helps you avoid injury and smash those PRs you are after. Best of luck in SLAMMING BARS AND GETTING PRS!



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